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Bosch GSR 18V-150C - Ultra Powerful BiTurbo Drill Driver 🦾

Hi everyone, it's KaminoKGY and today we're going to test the Bosch GSR 18V-150C drill, screwdriver, which means 18 volts for the batteries and 150 Nm of torque. Which is really a lot. It is a tool that is part of their Biturbo range to be used with Pro-core batteries, moreover to get the most out of the machine you will need a battery of at least 5.5Ah.


In the L-Boxx, there is documentation, a metal clip, a small explanatory card, a massive handle and we will see why right after. And finally, the machine, which is truly impressive in terms of finish and takes it one step further than the brand's other non-biturbo drills.

On the battery side, I will therefore use it with an 18V Pro-core battery in 5.5 Ah.


We will immediately move on to the tests with the screwing of a long screw. We make a pre-hole so that it fits more easily and we start to screw gently. The goal is not to go fast, but continuously.

On the base of the tool, we see a led to illuminate where we are working. Next, we have a small light strip. If it is green, everything is good, if it is orange, when the temperature starts to get high, and red, when the battery is almost empty.

We then have several buttons, a 45, 60 and a smartphone icon that allow you to drill or screw at a certain angle in relation to a support. To use it, we press the desired angle that flashes, we put the tool on the support to take the inclination of the reference plane, once the light is fixed, the inclination is recorded and we can adjust our position depending on the color of the indicator on the top of the machine. Orange when you are close to the angle and green when it is good. And if you want an angle other than 45 or 60, just configure it on the phone app once the tool is connected via Bluetooth with the dedicated chip.

Then the other button allows you to activate or not the kickback protection that is triggered when the tool starts to rotate on its axis. And if so, we see that the machine turns red and the light flashes. This is often the case when drilling with a hole saw or large diameter drill bit. Even if here, there are quite a few when you hold the tool in place with the long arm.

And for the last test, I used a 20mm diameter drill bit to make small holes. There too I prefer to go slowly and as continuously as possible.


Well that will be it for this GSR 18V-150C, which is a really powerful tool and will allow you to do just about anything, so put on the necessary protections according to the situation. And if you prefer, there is the equivalent that also includes percussion.

Bye bye!


Bosch Pro 18V-150C
Made by KaminoKGY ;)
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